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take me or leave me
Favourite genre of music: deathrock, gothrock, batcave, post-punk, gothabilly, depressive black, doom black, NDT
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Favourite cartoon character: Roman Dirge's "daughter"
Personal Quote: "Wenn sich Kunst selbs erklärt, verliert sie ihren Zauber" © Dero, Oomph!
Hello there :].
One more 'comeback-journal'. I still won't be here as much as I used to, 'cause of my studies and my damn isp. Mostly 'cause of studies - I've got an absolute zero af free time :[. And I feel kinda scared when look on the amount of messages in my mesage box =|. Hope someday I'll go through them all :/.

So, now about goos things :]. Last Friday I've been to the Katatonia's concert - that was fucking brill :nod: Before them there was some Russian band, but I didn't know them then. And I don't even now :shrug: But their music sounded pretty good. Anyway, after Katatonia came on stage I needed nobody anymore =]. The whole concert went like two seconds, felt NOT ENOUGH :[. Furthermore they unfortunately didn't play old songs :/. But despite it I loved the concert. The day after I couldn't move my head =]. The thing is I've got not really good health and have no physical training, so allmost all my muscles went mad after the concert.
Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos... first of all 'cause I forgot my camera :cries: And secondly 'cause it was forbidden to take photos. But people of course brought cameras and it felt like there've been taken a lot of pictures.

So these are my news... how are you guys? :] And btw, how did that story about Jark and his place on dA finish? If it really did, of course :].


:work: :raincloud: :work:

I am so sorry I'm not around lately... I've got absolutely NO time to spend here - courses, extra lessons and such make me feel so tired that I hardly can move in the evenings. I kept in mind that my sub's running away at the 2nd of November *damn, I still have NO idea who's subscribed me! Is it a too big secret to be told? :[* and tried to have some time to enjoy it at least for a short time... but I couldn't. And I couldn't use any of those  journal features :( So the sub's gonna expire tomorrow. Well, actually I've sometimes had little pauses to have a quick and easy browse - kinda reward after my studies ;]. But I didn't post anything or reply comments - you know, you reply one comment, then another - and here you go, you're here for hours ;D And... ehh, no "reward" anymore... pity.

Ehm... nothing new and interesting in my life... I spend in front of my comp hardly a half or an hour a day, sometimes more sometimes less. And it seems that I don't have to mention about submissions - I haven't held my cam in my hands for about two months. But this Friday I'm going to go to a little town with my friend. I suppose my cam's gonna be with me - my friends asked me to take it and take some photos. They like my work :]. *I feel so proud :giggle: *

Now I'm gonna go through my message box, please don't be surprised with my late replies/thankies :[.

And I'd like to give a HUGE hug to my lovely wife KattZ *she's SO incredibly gorgeous... I guess I should move to Portugal :drool: :heart: :]* and my dearest friend TheScissorman :smooch: Aaand! It was sooooooo nice to see sweet WickedNox on my userpage :]. Thank you, dear, for not forgetting me :cuddle: And also a hug to MizBhaven ;D :hug:    --- Thanks to all of you, guys :].


I've seen this quiz at auralis' journal and done it. LOL, I love the result :giggle: :rofl: Here it is
You can try it: How evil are you?

And pay attention to this amazing artwork: To The Gods by nykolai I just :heart: it.
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emily-ree Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
Wow, your pictures pack a punch. They are very good. Keep it up.
WickedNox Featured By Owner May 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
TheScissorman Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
:poke: Still busy with studies ? :(

KattZ Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006
Did u leaved us?

aleksandra Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
hey baby :love:
MizBhaven Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
Hey love!
How have you been?

KattZ Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006
I Mish You :cries:
Come back baby.. please..

Aetereas Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2006
Adorable gallery!! :frail:
IrishGypsie Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
Your gallery is beautiful.
I'll just have to watch to see what happens next!

TheScissorman Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006
Miss you :( :hug: :blackrose:
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